Cash Management System

Cash Management System for Event Management



AuthentiGATE runs a very unique operation: as a part of their event management offering, they provide cash management services to events such as the CNE in Toronto, Canada. This includes the security of the cash-room, and the staff to collect payments and provide change for vendors.

Given the unique requirements of this operation, a boxed solution does not exist. Consequently, admissions to the room were granted in an ad-hoc manner, and cash transactions were logged in spreadsheets.

Dattivo delivered a custom web application composed of two subsystems: one to check-in vendors as they enter, and one to track and print a receipt of the change transactions as they occur. Staff are guided through a consistent and easy-to-follow process, and management are now able to export reports from both sides of the business with the click of a button.


  • Web interface tailored to guide users through their tasks
  • Custom responsive web application
  • On-demand report generation


  • Increased data quality by guiding staff through a consistent process
  • Streamlined and expedited check-in and payment processing


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