Contactless Payment Options for Deliveries and Curbside Pickups

Contactless Payment Options for Deliveries and Curbside Pickups


As we continue to adjust to the changes of this unprecedented time to our personal and business lives, we are very grateful to those businesses that have been able to quickly adjust their operations so that they can continue to offer their products and services in a safe manner for their customers and staffFor those businesses that are evaluating contactless payment methods we have compiled brief overview of some of the technologies currently available. These solutions don’t necessarily require having an existing e-commerce platform, thus providing flexibility. Depending on your business, these solutions may still be relevant and useful when some of the restrictions are lifted and our economy opens again.  

If you operate in the food industryyou’ll likely be best served by the existing food delivery platforms such as DoorDashUber EatsSkip the Dishes, just to name a few. But if you are in a different industry and you are looking for a safe way to manage payments for your pickups or deliveries, the following resources may be helpful.  

Also, if you already have an e-commerce platform (e.g., your Magento or Woocommerce website, or your online store through Shopify), you may want to ask your current vendor if they are able to integrate your e-commerce with any of these products 

Lastly, as a full disclaimer, we are not associated or have any interest in any of the following providers and this list is meant for information purposes only.  


Their “Request Money” solution allows vendors to send requests for payment to their customers via email or SMS. The customer will receive an email or text, follow the link, and proceed to pay through their PayPal account or directly with their credit card. 

Depending on your existing online store and point of sale (POS) solutionthis may be automatically managed by your systems; however, if you use a conventional cash register or generate invoices and receipts in desktop system or by handthen you can quickly fill in and send the request for payment directly from your PayPal portal on your desktop or tablet. More details on this solution can be found here.  

The images below provide an example of how this process will look like. 


Kimoby Pay

We haven’t had the chance to work with this specific product, but from our research this solution includes features that allow for managing of contactless payments via SMS. Specifically, you can send a payment request to your customers from an ongoing text message conversation via a link to a personalized mobile checkout form. Similar to other solutions, all major credit cards,   and   are accepted forms of payment. Lastly, for businesses that handle large transaction volumes, their Merchant Connect option integrates with existing payment solutions and merchant accounts You can find more details on this product here.


You may already know Square from their easy to set up point of sale system that runs on almost any Android tablet or iPad. Included in their portal is the ability to create and send invoices to a customer’s email, and, like other providers, payments can be completed using credit card,  and In addition, they have recently added two new features to their existing online store solution to allow for curbside pickups and local deliveries. If you are already using their e-commerce solution, you can find more details on how to turn these features on at and 

The images below show how to send invoices from your Square portal.  


How We Can Help

All the contactless solutions described above allow businesses to safely manage and receive payments by eliminating any customer contact with payment terminals or cash.  

Another set of alternative solutions that are currently becoming more popular are chatbots. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that simulates human conversation via text message or voice. We will talk about these very powerful solutions soon, but in the meantime you can test their capabilities in our demo here.

We have already completed integrations with ecommerce platforms and point of sale systems for both PayPal (ecommerce) and Square (ecommerce and POS) and we will continue to update the above list as we test and implement new solutionsIf you are considering a specific product or technology and you are looking for advice or an evaluation of its capabilities, feel free to reach out at or 519-937-9053In the meantime, stay safe and healthy! 

Claudia Accardi

Claudia Accardi

Claudia Accardi is a Business Analyst and Partner at Dattivo Software in London, Ontario. With a background in research, economics, and marketing she translates clients’ needs into software requirements.

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