Online licence application

Online Licence Application



The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) represents and licenses approximately 220 members who grow greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers on over 2,500 acres in Ontario, Canada. As a part of their mandate, the OGVG is responsible for licensing all growers, packers and marketers in the industry with a total of nearly 400 licences issued each year.


The OGVG is already managing their member licensing procedures with a custom CRM solution. At this point in time, they were looking for a solution to reduce the administrative overhead of manually entering annual member licence applications into their existing CRM, and simplify the form submission for their members.

Dattivo addressed both needs by creating a new system for the online licence submission and expanding the existing CRM. Specifically, we designed and built a web application that allowed members to complete and submit their application online. Their licence information can now quickly be confirmed or updated from one year to the next and relevant paperwork attached directly to the application.

In addition, we added a new component to the existing CRM to manage the online submissions. The data collected from the new online system is now automatically entered in the CRM and staff can quickly view and follow-up about individual applications.


  • Online licence submission
  • Licence application management and tracking
  • Integration with existing CRM solution


  • Simplified and sped-up forms submission for the membership
  • Reduced staff manual entry
  • Streamlined licence application management


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