Sales Management System

Sales Management System



London Selected Yearling Sale manages the sales of over 300 yearlings each year from across North America. Their sale process begins in March when the applications open to the public and ends in October on the actual days of the sale. In 2019, they successfully concluded their sale with over $6 million in sales.


When they approached us, multiple spreadsheets were used to manage and track the sale cycle along with ad-hoc Word documents and PDFs for forms and invoicing. The process was managed manually, both pre-sale and during the days of the sale. Therefore, they were looking for a solution to streamline, automate and digitize their sale process as much as possible.

Dattivo built a web application which has become the authoritative system of record for the yearlings’ sales: it manages the entire sale cycle, from the application to the final sale, including invoicing and reporting.

One key component of the application is its custom accounting management sub-system, which handles the invoicing, payment and disbursement of all the sale transactions, and either automatically or manually generate invoices and statement of accounts with the click of a button.


  • Custom sale management system
  • Custom CRM software solution
  • Custom accounting management
  • Compliance management and tracking solution
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • On-demand report generation


  • Centralized sales information for quicker processing pre-sale and during the day of the sale
  • Streamlined manual entry to maximize efficiency and reduce the potential of user error
  • Improved compliance management by centralizing and tracking paperwork


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