Sales Process Automation

Sales Process Automation


WaveDirect Telecommunications began servicing its first client in Essex County, Ontario in 2004. Since then it had not only grown to become one of the region’s largest wireless Internet Service Provider, but it has also expanded into the United States.

Over the years WaveDirect has developed a 30-day free trial program which has become a significant competitive differentiator. However, this program has introduced new steps into the sales process not covered by their industry-specific management systems. Consequently, Dattivo has developed a custom application to ensure a standard lead qualification process for callers from all locations, to automate repeated tasks (paperwork generation and integration with existing systems), and to provide metrics and analytics of this program’s performance.

Business Problem

Prior to the introduction of Dattivo‘s software, WaveDirect’s 30-day trial sales process was administered using a series of checklists and spreadsheets developed over time by sales staff. The staff had developed a robust method for qualifying leads; however, the process was tracked on a single sheet of paper (the “lead sheet”) packed with instructions and tasks to check off. This lead sheet floated between the desks of sales staff as required.
This situation presented multiple issues for WaveDirect’s continued growth:

  1. Lost sales: Certain policies in the 30-day trial sales process required the customer to call back to provide extra information. With the information on these potential customers spread across the lead sheets, it became easy to lose track of leads in the shuffle.
  2. Data-entry efficiency: Paperwork such as the company’s service agreement were manually filled in by sales staff. Additionally, leads needed to be manually entered from the lead sheet to the existing systems.
  3. Data unavailable for analysis: With data split between paper lead sheets and WaveDirect’s industry specific ERP, reporting on process performance was a non-trivial exercise with some metrics impossible to quantify without sampling and performing a case-by-case investigation.

Solution Highlights

  • Custom-built web application to support a specific sales process integrated with an existing industry-specific ERP system
  • Customized and intuitive user interface to easily guide staff through the sales process
  • Automatic geocoding of leads with the ability to assign them to a given service area
  • Automatic generation of customer documents and the ability to have the documents filed within the company’s ERP system
  • Collaborative development process employed with continual incorporation of user feedback


  • Consistent and standardized sales procedures and business rules across all locations
  • Reduced risk of losing sales “in the shuffle”
  • Elimination of manual data re-entry into multiple systems
  • Improved visibility into each state of the process
  • Reduced staff training time
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Data analysis, reporting and evaluation of marketing and business strategies are now more accurate and accessible


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